Nineoaks' Photo Gallery

Nineoaks Angling Centre's Photo Gallery

Young Joshua Buck of Newcastle Emlyn398 viewsHaving caught some nice fish in the Novices pool, Joshua has quickly progressed to fishing the Main Pool, and here he is with a lovely "Black" Carp weighing a couple of pounds. Well done!
Retired science teacher Chris with a superb 16lb Common386 viewsFishing floating bread, Chris caught this excellent fish in the Main Lake. What a happy chappie?
visiting angler lands excellent Carp400 viewsNot having fished here for a couple of years, what a surprise he got when he hooked n to this beauty!
Tim Allcock with an excellent Carp370 viewson his first ever holiday at Nineoaks, Tim catches many Carp like this and bigger during his weeks stay. Not a bad photo when you consider his camera was taking this of himself within 30 seconds of clicking the shutter. An excellent photo Tim.
Tim Allcock with a lovely Carp339 viewsAnother photo of Tim as he proudly shows of another fish. He took a total of nearly 200 pictures during his weeks stay at Nineoaks.
Localangler Mark of Ffosy Finn476 viewsa 12lb Common for Mark on sweetcorn from the Main Pool during a cold, the late evening session.
Mike kands 16lb Common from Main Pool.478 viewsFishing floating bread in the margins, early morning when all's quiet Mike lands this superb 16lb Common. Later during the day he also lands an 11lb Carp from the House Pool and a 13lb Grassie. Mike ends up catching over 30 Carp during the day. Awesome fishing!
Poor weather - big Carp529 viewsFishing at 8m on a pole, regularly baiting with sweetcorn, and a single kernel on the hook. Just before dusk and after a hard struggle Mark finally landed this 12lb Common in fine condition. PS: Mark caught a total of 36 Carp during his session
Lousy weather - lovely Carp375 viewsMark, from Llewynceln, towards the end of a busy day landed this beautifully conditioned Common Carp on single sweetcorn. Up to the time of capture he had landed 47 Carp!
789 viewsHi Bill,

13lb Common Carp caught on the dog biscuit, Main lake. This carp gave a great fight!

Fishing dog biscuit no more than 2ft from the bank while standing behind trees or bushes that edge the Main lake, James had many good fish, including this one.
14.5lb Common733 viewsHi Bill,
14.5lb Common Carp caught on the dog biscuit, Main lake. This carp was the 27th carp I caught that day.

7th September 2010698 viewsMaureen Worrall with a 10.5lb Mirror from the House Pool caught on luncheon meat just off the ledge in about 6ft of water
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