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Disabled Access Statement

Description of Access into the properties and around about the Fishery Grounds.

Updated: 10th, October 2012
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Nineoaks is located 1 ½ miles inland from the Aberystwyth to Cardigan coast road (A487) in the village of Oakford (in welsh Derwen Gam).

At the village of Llyncelyn, on the coast road 4 miles south of Aberaeron, is a Texaco Petrol station; on the LHS about 50 yards past the Petrol Station turn left for Oakford. Follow the country road for 1 ½ miles until you’re in Oakford. Straight across the cross road junction and a further 100 yards is Nineoaks on you RHS.


The grounds are grassed surfaces with embedded gravel along footways. Most grassed areas are kept of manageable length and should not prove difficult for any wheel chair user to negotiate. However, for reasons of safety our approach is all short grass indicates safe areas and all long grass requires caution. Around the edges of all lakes the grass is deliberately left long as it provides an element of cover for the fish and visually indicates the edge of the lake.

Car Parking:

The large, free car park is flat and has a mainly gravelled surface.


Toilets are right under the verandah within the lodge building which is located centrally in the Car Park. Within the lodge the floor is of level cement. However, there is a ¾ inch step into the toilet from the verandah path.

Tea/Coffee facilities:

The rest room and kitchen are within the fishery lodge building and there is a ¾ inch step into the rest room from the lodge verandah area.

Access to the lakes:-

The lakes are located around the flat central Car Park and houses and Caravans (q.v fishery layout).

#1 Trout Lakes and House Coarse pool:

This area of the land consists of four lakes (Weir, Pallen, Derwen and House). Access up to these lakes is either via five concrete steps or via a gently sloping, grass covered earth ramp directly off the Car Park. The land is level but arranged as two terraces with grass covered gently sloping earth ramps from the first to the second level. The first level consists of House and Derwen lakes and the second of Weir and Pallen. Located at various points around the lakes are concrete casting positions.

#2 Novice Coarse pool:

This pool is held with a netting covered wooden fence and accessed directly off the Car Park over a wooden, flat bridge. The lake surrounds are flat and located at various points around the lake are purpose built wooden fishing pegs.

#3 Main Coarse pool:

This pool is held with a netting covered fence and accessed directly off the Car Park down a wide gravelled path. The lake surrounds are flat and located at various points around the lake are purpose built wooden fishing pegs.

Here you can access a plan of the site

Snowdrop semi-bungalow:

A ground floor semi-bungalow situated at one-end the Fishery Bungalow.


Located next to the Car Park and overlooking the House pool. Access into the building is via the Kitchen which has a very low but slightly raised and bevelled aluminium step.

Kitchen, utility and shower room:

These interconnected rooms are all level with tiled floors.

Hall & toilet:

Directly off the kitchen is the hall that provides access to Bedroom #1, the toilet and the lounge. The carpeted hallway leading to the lounge and toilet has two levels with a low, short access ramp between them. The hall has a deep, double radiator. It is not wide enough nor suitable for a motorised wheelchair. Navigating through the kitchen to the hall with a motorised scooter would also be difficult.


Directly off the hallway with a level floor and a door leading in to bedroom #2.

Bedroom #1:

Directly off the hallway, bedroom #1 is a large bedroom with a level floor and two single beds.

Bedroom #2:

Directly off the Lounge, bedroom #2 is a large bedroom with a level floor and one double bed.

Craigfryn cottage:

A ground floor, Cottage-annexe or "Granny flat" situated centrally within the curtilage of the Fishery Bungalow.


There is a single step from the outside into the front door porch area. Thereafter, the Lounge, Kitchen and bedroom are all on the same level.

Bedroom with en-suite toilet and shower:

There is a step up into the shower cubicle.

Mobile phone coverage:

Vodaphone / Cellnet / and Orange is poor in the house and immediate vicinity, but there are many spots in the surrounding area where better reception can be received.


All Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism from all our guests are always welcome. Constructive criticisms help us identify where our facilities can be improved, in-line with the requirements and needs of our guests.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions that will help you decide that we can meet your requirements for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.-

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