How much does it cost to Fish When Staying Here?

The Fishing costs when staying in our on-site Holiday Accommodation for Trout, Carp & Coarse Fishing.

Fishing Prices of People Staying At Nineoaks

Time is precious - use it Fishing!


24 Hours Night/Bivvy Fishing

Night Fishing by prior appointment only.

  • £20.00 per night per 24hr period.
  • Max. 2 Rods Per Person 
  • Night Fishing Rules 
  • Please ask for more Info.

For Night Anglers the price covers fishing with two rods.

Particular Night Fishing Rules Apply, see here for more information of them.

All other Coarse & Carp fishing rules apply


Fishing - Day Tickets

All tickets allow fishing on any coarse lake.

All other Coarse & Carp fishing rules apply

  • £7.00 - 1 rod per day
  • £8.00 - 2 rods per day
  • Junior (under 12) £4.00
  • All tickets allow fishing on any coarse lake.
  • Weekly Ticket £40.00 - 1 rod each day.
  • Weekly Ticket £50.00 - 2 rods each day.

You are not restricted to continuous fishing, a couple of hours in the morning, then out with the family, then more fishing on your return is still covered by your “day ticket”.

All other Coarse & Carp fishing rules apply


Day Tickets

Please Note that All Trout fishing is Fly ONLY

  • First 2 fish or a maximum of 4 hours fishing - £20.
  • First 3 fish or a maximum of 6 hours fishing - £26.
  • First 4 fish or a maximum of 8 hours fishing - £32.

Catch & Release, Barbless/De-barbed Hooks ONLY - 4 hours fishing £12. Please, NO fish to be taken out of the water.

For “Catch and Take” Fishing our Trout average 2.25lb each.

For each Additional fish Over Ticket Limit Charged at £7 each.

All other Trout & Fly fishing rules apply


Rod and Net Hire

Please see Management for more details.

  • Landing Net £1.00
  • Coarse rod, disgorger and Landing net £5.00. Should you lose or damage a disgorger or float you will be charged £1 for each broken item.
  • Trout rod, line and leader and Landing net + 6 flies £5.00. You are welcome to change the flies at no additional cost, and no cost for a replacement leader. However, each lost fly will be charged at £1.
  • Fishing Umbrellas are available at £2 each per day. Broken or damaged brollies will have to be paid for!
A £5 deposit is required on all items. Breakages and/or lost items e.g. Float or Fly charged at £1 each.

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