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2013 Catch Reports showing an 8lb Ghost Carp

Fishing and Catch Reports during 2014

Want to know how it's fishing, check these reports during 2014

Updated: 17th, November 2014
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Paul Horobin with his 12.5lb Common Carp caught on the 1<sup>st</sup>,h January Here you will find the unadulterated versions of the regular catch reports sent each month to the press during 2013.
January 2014

Mark checks his net of Fish

Mark with a lovely 2lb Common Carp. He had several of them

Mark's mixed net full

The bulk of the content of Mark's net

Coarse Fishing: 26th, January, although much milder than usual at this time of the year, the tougher anglers are catching some cracking Roach, and the occasional Carp. One angler, fishing with 8mm white chocolate boilies tipped with sweetcorn spent the whole day catching 1-1.5lb Bream from the Main Pool, plus catching and losing one or two good Carp.

Coarse Fishing: 16th, January, the very wet and windy conditions aren't deterred the hardier anglers. Fishing with sweetcorn a rod length out, from the "helicopter pad" in the Main Lake has produced upwards of 60 Roach to 3/4lb. With many 6 or 7oz each. Chris, a retired Headmaster from Pembrokeshire, finished his day with stacks of Roach, then went stalking mid-afternoon and finishing up with 6 Carp to roughly 8lb. Meanwhile, Ted from Cardigan, fishing Mussel or prawn has had good Carp and also plenty of quality Roach from the House Pool.

Trout Fishing: 16th, January, Orange Montana, fished very slow, has produced some good Trout, even when the weather has been damp and blustery. At this time of the year, Cat's whisker'ish flies have generally produced some great sport.

February 2014

Mark, a local angler with his 14.5lb Common Carp

Coarse Fishing: 25th, February Still windy and frequent showers, some heavy. However, the water has a good colour indicating that the first are moving and feeding. Two boys (about 7) and their Dadhad a cracking day today, fishing with flat method feeders and small white chocolate boilies they had many Carp with lots about 4-5lb, beautiful Roach 1/2lb+ with many 6oz or so. Best fish was an 11lb Ghost Mirror. The dad described it as "brilliant."

Coarse Fishing: 21st, February The rough recent weather beginning to abate a few more anglers have begun their first sessions of the year. Most fish have been caught on sweetcorn whith the bulk being good sized Roach with the occasional Carp. With the margins being clear most fish have been a caught a couple of rod lengths out.

Carl, a visiting angler, using a pole at about 6 meters has had plenty of quality Roach and no Carp. Local angler, Mark, also fishing sweetcorn had mainly Roach, no skimmers, and 11 Carp with 4 around 5lb each. Just as dusk was closing in he changed bait to small piece of curry flavoured luncheon and fished in the margin on peg #2. After a good struggle he landed this beautiful 14.5lb Common Carp. Click on image to enlarge it.

Trout Fishing: Ok, so the weather's cold and blustery, however an Orange Montana, Red Montana, White Rubber Daddy, fished deep and very slow, all have produced good Trout, even with the weather as damp as it's been the Cat's whisker or similar flies have also produced some great sport.

March 2014

Fallon with her lovely Koi

Coarse Fishing: 24th, March, a blustery day and damp afternoon, as previously the fish kept on coming. Float Fishing with top 2 or 3 sections of a Pole and sweetcorn, plenty of good Roach, up to 10oz, and up to 10 Carp with a bonus Chub. The anglers were ground baiting regularly with loose fed corn, micro-pellets or mushy groundbait.

Coarse Fishing: 18th, March, yep, better weather and brighter conditions when Carp were once again caught on the surface with floating bread. Meanwhile, Fallon fishing sweetcorn caught her fish of choice and a pb too - a lovely Koi estimated at 4lb and pictured left.

Coarse Fishing: 8th, March, a blustery morning and fine afternoon, but the fish kept on coming. Some nice Carp around 10lb and plenty of good sized Roach with many around 1/2lb'ers. Main bait has sweetcorn or small white chocolate boilies tipped with sweetcorn fished on a half method feeder with small amounts of groundbait regularly going in.

Trout Fishing: 8th, March. Continues to provide some great sport and lovely clean, hard fighting over wintered Trout in stunning condition. As previously stated using Cats Whisker, Apps Bloodworm, Damsel Flies and Nymphs have had all provided some great sport catching and decent catches on C&R of up to 10 Trout a session, from all Lakes fishing about 3ft deep. 2 fish bags average at 4.5lb. One angler has reported catching up to 24 Trout in a single C&R session.

Coarse Fishing: 4th, March, Although it has been cold and frosty recently plenty of quality Roach 6oz and over coming out on sweetcorn or cooked mussel. One or two nice Chub are being caught from the House Pool, and plenty or Roach and small Carp from the Novices Pool. On the occasional sunny, warmer afternoons some excellent sport has been on floating baits, for Carp to 10lb, in the Main Lake on Bread by stalking the Carp or on dog-biscuit flies cast on a Fly Rod.

Trout Fishing: 4th, March. Trout Anglers using Cats Whisker, Apps Bloodworm, Damsel Flies and Nymphs have had some great sport catching plenty of 2lb+ Trout, mainly in Weir and Derwen Lakes fishing near the bottom.

April 2014

Aaron Symons from  Gwent with a stunning Mirror

Aaron Symons from  Gwent with a stunning Mirror

Coarse Fishing: 18th, April, Lovely weather and bright conditions when the Carp are, as usual, being taken on the surface with floating bread and dog biscuits. Plenty of quality Roach (over 6oz) on sweetcorn, maggots and frozen or fresh mussel (PLEASE NOTE NOT Mussel found in Jars of preservative). Worms and all other traditional baits scoring well.

Trout Fishing: 30th, April. Hi, Jonathan Worrall, I've just returned from fishing the trout lakes on the complex three times in the last week, and have been blown away by the standard and condition of the fish and the fishery. I took eleven fish the first trip, six the next and ten today all on short sessions. Fish averaged between two and three pounds and took everything from bibios to cats whiskers. Will definitely be back soon, highly recommend the fishery. Jon

May 2014

Visiting angler, Mike Shenton with a cracking Common from the Main Lake

Our Barbel are growing nicely

Local angler, Carl with one of our hard fighting Barbel.

Visiting angler, Dave Mervyn, also, with a cracking Common from the Main Lake

Coarse Fishing: 16th, May, Lovely weather. Great numbers of good Carp to 14lb on floating baits such as dog biscuit and bread. All margin fishing with standard baits such as luncheon meat, sweetcorn banded pellets etc catching plenty of Carp and other species. Nice Chub and fair sized Barbel and loads of 6oz plus Roach and nice Bream and skimmers. Several anglers catching several 12lb+ Carp and 30 or more in a session. Better fishing in the afternoons and evenings.

Trout Fishing: 16th, May. Trout fishing still good but has slowed with the recent bright skies and warmer weather. The lakes are covered with masses of small flies afternoons and evenings. Damsels etc. all scoring well.

Coarse Fishing: 12th, May, poor weather blustery and heavy showers. Plenty of Carp on floating baits and margin fished luncheon meat. Biggest in the past week has been a 14lb Common, with several anglers catching 2 or more 12lb+ Carp in a session. Some superb Roach taken with many 1/2lb plus, a few Tench and a 2lb Chub. All the usual baits working well, especially regular light feeding in the margins making the effort worthwhile. Generally Good fishing in the mornings but generally the better fish being caught late afternoon onwards. Please remember, if trying mussel DO NOT use any from jars, only fresh or frozen.

Trout Fishing: 12th, May. Trout fishing very good with almost all anglers catching their limit within their alloted times. Damsels etc all scoring well. Spooned fish full of tadpoles and various larvae

June 2014
24hrs Angler, Lewis with a lovely Common from Main Lake
Night Angler, Lewis with another nice Common from Main Lake
24hrs Angler, Keanu with his cracking hard fighting Common from Main Lake
Night Angler, Keanu another cracking hard fighting Common from Main Lake
Caught in the Main Lake, owner Bill, with his best Barbel to-date. From a fingerling to this size in a little over 2 years!

Coarse Fishing: 27th, June; email from night anglers Lewis Smith, Keanu de Klerk and Jason Smith: We would like to say that our 24 hours fishing session at Nine Oaks Fisheries was truly an experience of a life time, with over 100 carp between three anglers in the space of 24hrs ranging from 3-10lb. The lake and all of its facilities are wonderful. The fishery is well maintained and clearly very well looked after. The fish within the lake are pristine with not a mark on any one of them. We were told that the fish thought that they were much bigger than they actually are, and by God this was truly a very good statement. On many occasions we were found with our rod bent to almost breaking point, that only turned out to be a 5-7lb carp that's a good average for this lake, with fish that are spoken about into mid 20's this would truly be an experience. We can truly say that we will be back in the very near future of our summer months in the search for the 'big one'. Bill and family made us feel very welcome. Many thanks;

<<< See left for a few fish photos from our trip.

Coarse Fishing: 28th, June, Finally and at last, the Carp seemed to have stopped spawning. Poor weather earlier in the month seemed to have stopped them in their tracks. Now that the weather has turned lovely, there are plenty of Carp in the margins, and others sunning themselves on the surface. Floating baits give tremendous sport, especially early morning and afternoons onwards throiugh the evening. Having said that, plenty of good, hard fighting Carp, cracking Roach, some Tench and quite a few Barbel from the margins on traditional baits, and Bill's favourite - the frozen Mussel with which he caught his best Barbel to-date in the Main Lake.

Trout Fishing: 28th, June. Trout fishing still has slowed with the recent bright skies and warmer weather. From now until the end of August, Trout Fishing, as everywhere, will be poor. Worming and spinning now an option.

July 2014
Fallon's PB of an 8lb Common
Loz's fine 8lb Common Carp
Phil from Llampeter with an 14lb Grassie
Our first ever Chub Photograph

August 2014
Local angler, Mark lands another grassie at 9.5lb from House Pool
youngster from Merthyl Tydfyl with his pb of 16lb Common
visiting angler lands excellent Carp from House Pool
Phil's 16lb Common

September 2014
Dan (from Llangollen) wih a lovely 9lb Mirror from Main Lake
Dan (again) with another 8lb mirror
Dan (again) with another 8lb Common
Steve Leigh, Steve with a lovely 2.25lb Chub caught on cheese flavoured bread in the House Pool
Tony, a local angler caught this lovely Koi in the Main Lake
Local angler, Carl Halliwell with his best 15lb Common to-date.
A 'young' member of the Round Table showing off with a lovely common caught during an evening's relaxation session with other members
Young, Tomos Butler, from Cardigan proudly showing a lovely Koi caught on floating dog biscuit from the Main lake
Retired PC, Paul, with an 18lb Common from the Main Lake
Local youngster Tomos with a stunning 10.5lb Mirror caught on floating dog biscuit

Coarse Fishing: 28th, September - bright and warm autumnal day. Fishing was slow to start with only a few fish coming out. Carl Halliwell (on peg 3) and Andrew Kirting (peg 7) started catching around mid-day with Andy getting the best of the day - a stunning Common Carp of 12 1/2lb, Pappa Smith also had a good one at 11.75lb and Carl H two a little under 10lb each. Plenty of good Roach around 6 or 7 ounces and a few skimmers. No Barbel, Chub or Tench. Final results were Carl Halliwell (1st,) with 47lb 14oz, Andrew K (2nd,) with 39lb 1oz and Carl Worrall (3rd,) with 33lb 14oz. Meanwhile, some good Bream, really good Roach and Carp were being caught in the House Pool on worm or maggots.

Coarse Fishing: 19th, September. Some cracking fish coming out, and excellent Mirror Carp - not massive but stunning conditioned fish (see pictures of young mr Tomos above). All baits producing fish, especially "chum mixer" style dog biscuits and floating bread. Luncheon Meat, sweetcorn doing well as ar maggots and frozen mussel in the margiins, wherte many good fish can be found, especially in the afternoons and evenings. A few Barbel, showing how well they have grown, and some excellent chub; the biggest from Main a smidgeon under 2lb and a 2.25lb from House. House has produced some good Bream up to 4lb, and lots of Roach 1lb and over, plus several Tench. We have started running monthly "Open" Coarse matches. The kast one was won by local angler Carl Worrall with a mixed bag of 35lb Roach and Carp. Well done Carl. Next match is on Sunday 28th, September 9am prompt. Click here for Match Results?

October 2014 Carl Halliwell with a quality RoachAndy, with one of our growing ChubCaught during a match, a sample of our RoachCarl Worrall with more of our super Roach

Coarse Fishing: 15th, October - Well we had nearly 2 dozen kids fishing here this afternoon. With everyone catching, from small Roach, 6oz Roach right up to a 6lb Mirror Carp. Once we have parental permission we shall post some photographs. The screaming and banter from the kids was great with everyone having a super time, and a few when leaving saying "awesome"! Can't get much better than that? Click here for some photographs of the evening? :-

Coarse Fishing: 14th, October - With the on-set of autumn and cooler weather, Coarse Fishing has begun to slow. But, quality Carp and some exceptional Roach are still being caught. 2lb+ Bream from the House Pool, and 2lb Chub from Main and House too. Trout Fishing is good but not exceptional, as he weather cools we expect this to improve greatly.

November 2014
Young master Moggsy from Llanelli showing how to fly fish for Carp
Local angler, James with a 12lb Common from the Main Lake
young Mr Moggsy with his fly caught 8lb Mirror
Andrew from Dihewyd with his 8lb Mirror from the House Pool

December 2014

Today's silver only match was fished by members of the Ceredigion Coarse Anglers, and a motley crew they are too! Conditions were hard with squally cold rain and hailstones with the occasional lull. But the poor weather did not stop the anglers putting in a great effort. @Andy Weston on peg 4 was busy most of the day with lots of small roach and the occasional better fish. @Shaun Bethel, on peg 6, was also having a good day with plenty of nice sized roach. the odd bream and the occasional unwanted Carp to upset his swim. @Andrew Kirtley, on peg 7, fished steadily all day with quality roach, a bream or two and a nice chub. On Peg 9 was @Carl Worrall, who after lots of moaning and a slow start eventually got the fish on the feed, but alas so did the carp; he ended the day with some good bream and roach. Peg 10 saw the return to Coarse Fishing for @David Butler who looked like a veteran angler with lots of consistency and experience. A special mention most go to @Beth Jones, fishing her first ever match on a terrible day still caught over 5lb of silvers and uncountable Carp, a valiant effort. Final results of this silver only match were:- 1st, Carl Worrall 17lb 12oz 2nd, Andrew Kirtley 16lb 5oz 3rd, Shaun Bethell 13lb 2oz. A special thanks to Andrew Kirtley for his donation of winners rosettes.

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Updated: 17th, December 2013

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