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2013 Catch Reports showing an 8lb Ghost Carp

During 2015 - Fishing and Catch Reports

Want to know how it's fishing, check these reports during 2015

Updated: 25th, November 2015
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Paul Horobin with his 12.5lb Common Carp caught on the 1<sup>st</sup>,h January Here you will find the unadulterated versions of the regular catch reports sent each month to the press during 2013.
January 2015

Mark checks his net of Fish

Mark with a lovely 2lb Common Carp. He had several of them

Mark's mixed net full

The bulk of the content of Mark's net


Ceredigion Coarse Match Fishing From Facebook Posting; 10th, January

Well what a day at Furnace Mill Fishery today. It was windy all day but the fishing was ok. I had 11lb 2oz for 2nd, in section and 3rd, overall. Big thank you to "Angling Bait Club" for top quality baits. Tomorrow of to see Bill Baker at Nine Oaks Fishery for some of the best roach fishing around and a catch up with some of the lads.

Coarse Fishing: 26th,:, although much milder than usual at this time of the year, the tougher anglers are catching some cracking Roach, and the occasional Carp. One angler, fishing with 8mm white chocolate boilies tipped with sweetcorn spent the whole day catching 1-1.5lb Bream from the Main Pool, plus catching and losing one or two good Carp.

Coarse Fishing: 16th,:, the very wet and windy conditions aren't deterred the hardier anglers. Fishing with sweetcorn a rod length out, from the "helicopter pad" in the Main Lake has produced upwards of 60 Roach to 3/4lb. With many 6 or 7oz each. Chris, a retired Headmaster from Pembrokeshire, finished his day with stacks of Roach, then went stalking mid-afternoon and finishing up with 6 Carp to roughly 8lb. Meanwhile, Ted from Cardigan, fishing Mussel or prawn has had good Carp and also plenty of quality Roach from the House Pool.

Trout Fishing: 16th,:, Orange Montana, fished very slow, has produced some good Trout, even when the weather has been damp and blustery. At this time of the year, Cat's whisker'ish flies have generally produced some great sport.

February 2015

Mark, a local angler with his 14.5lb Common Carp


Trout Fishing

email from Dave stirzaker, 18th, February 2015.

Just had 4 hrs fishing the top lake (Weir), first visit. Had a fish first cast and went on to hook 21! Landed 16, lost 5. The last one I lost stripped loads of line off, jumped several times, then bit through the knot right at the net. Looked 4+.

Fantastic fighting fish in top condition. Never seen such scarlet colours. Tremendous. Thank you.


PS. I caught on nomads and small cats whiskers, most fish took on the drop.

March 2015

Fallon with her lovely Koi

Coarse Fishing: 24th,:, a blustery day and damp afternoon, as previously the fish kept on coming. Float Fishing with top 2 or 3 sections of a Pole and sweetcorn, plenty of good Roach, up to 10oz, and up to 10 Carp with a bonus Chub. The anglers were ground baiting regularly with loose fed corn, micro-pellets or mushy groundbait.

Coarse Fishing: 18th,:, yep, better weather and brighter conditions when Carp were once again caught on the surface with floating bread. Meanwhile, Fallon fishing sweetcorn caught her fish of choice and a pb too - a lovely Koi estimated at 4lb and pictured left.

Coarse Fishing: 8th,:, a blustery morning and fine afternoon, but the fish kept on coming. Some nice Carp around 10lb and plenty of good sized Roach with many around 1/2lb'ers. Main bait has sweetcorn or small white chocolate boilies tipped with sweetcorn fished on a half method feeder with small amounts of groundbait regularly going in.

Trout Fishing: 8th,:. Continues to provide some great sport and lovely clean, hard fighting over wintered Trout in stunning condition. As previously stated using Cats Whisker, Apps Bloodworm, Damsel Flies and Nymphs have had all provided some great sport catching and decent catches on C&R of up to 10 Trout a session, from all Lakes fishing about 3ft deep. 2 fish bags average at 4.5lb. One angler has reported catching up to 24 Trout in a single C&R session.

Coarse Fishing: 4th,:, Although it has been cold and frosty recently plenty of quality Roach 6oz and over coming out on sweetcorn or cooked mussel. One or two nice Chub are being caught from the House Pool, and plenty or Roach and small Carp from the Novices Pool. On the occasional sunny, warmer afternoons some excellent sport has been on floating baits, for Carp to 10lb, in the Main Lake on Bread by stalking the Carp or on dog-biscuit flies cast on a Fly Rod.

Trout Fishing: 4th,:. Trout Anglers using Cats Whisker, Apps Bloodworm, Damsel Flies and Nymphs have had some great sport catching plenty of 2lb+ Trout, mainly in Weir and Derwen Lakes fishing near the bottom.

April 2015

Aaron Symons from  Gwent with a stunning Mirror

Mint conditioned Rainbow


Coarse Fishing: 18th, April, Lovely weather and bright conditions when the Carp are, as usual, being taken on the surface with floating bread and dog biscuits. Plenty of quality Roach (over 6oz) on sweetcorn, maggots and frozen or fresh mussel (PLEASE NOTE NOT Mussel found in Jars of preservative or tins of flavoured sauces). Worms and all other traditional baits scoring well.

email via Facebook from Carl Worrall @ 29 April at 20:29
Had a couple of hours at Nine Oaks fisheries today after some Silvers.
The weather was cold and the fishing was a bit slow but still had some quality Roach bream, bait as always red and white maggot from . Total Weight 10lb 11oz silvers 2 carp for 6lb 10oz not bad for 2hrs.
Just got to say I'm loving these XK55 floats from middy.
Thanks Bill Baker

email via Facebook from Katie Neale @ 29 April at 20:49
Love nine oaks I caught a 15lb carp in there when I was like 10, I nearly went water skiing. Hope you are well I need to get myself fishing again soon but when it gets a bit warmer

Trout Fishing: mail via Facebook from Fishtec @ 25th, April at 07:37am
A mint rainbow from Nineoaks Angling and Holiday Centre.
Many hard fighting bow's and blues were caught on a C&R session using a leadhead viva, Airflo super dri elite floater and a slow figure of eight retrieve on 6lb sightfree extreme fluorocarbon tippet.

30th,: April. Hi, Jonathan Worrall, I've just returned from fishing the trout lakes on the complex three times in the last week, and have been blown away by the standard and condition of the fish and the fishery. I took eleven fish the first trip, six the next and ten today all on short sessions. Fish averaged between two and three pounds and took everything from bibios to cats whiskers. Will definitely be back soon, highly recommend the fishery. Jon

email via Facebook from Carl Worrall @ 30 April at 11:19
Great Venue with loads of good silvers and Carp mate

May 2015


Coarse Fishing:

10th,: Andy Weston (Aberystwyth) had a great days fishing at nine oaks,with mick butler , and dj weston plenty of roach and lots of good size carp. Thanks to bill for a good days fishing.

31st,: It was round 4 of the Ceredigion Coarse Anglers summer league and this round was at Nine Oaks Fishery.
It was a nice turn out with some let downs but this did not stop the anglers fishing having a fantastic time.
The weather was ok but the fishing was better.

From the off Andy Weston was straight in to some nice carp on the feeder as was Mick Butler. Shaun Bethell had some nice carp and a cracking barbel and Carl Woodward had some carp on the pole for the first time.
But it was down to 3 anglers Andy Weston fished well all day and had a good load of carp. Andrew Kirtley was on the much fancied peg 11 and the peg didn't let him down with fish up 12lb 5oz but also lost a load and broke his top kit. Carl Worrall on peg 10 had a good day but like Andrew had fish lost under the net and lost floats.
1st, Carl Worrall with 97lb 2oz (Carl also had 5lb 2oz taken off as one net had 65lb 2oz) (total 102lb 4oz)
2nd, Andrew Kirtley with 87lb 14oz
3rd, Andy Weston with 70lb 4oz
Big thank you to Bill Baker of Nine Oaks Fishery and to Rheidol Rosettes

June 2015


Coarse Fishing:

Carl Worrall: Just got back from a great few hours fishing at Nine Oaks Fishery. I set-up 2 lines one with worm and caster and the other just maggots. I started on the worm and caster line and straight away I had a nice carp of 6lb then a few more also roach bream tench and a chub. On the maggot line I saw a bet of movement so I dropped in and of it went with a nice little barbel I kept on that line and had some big roach carp. As always I had top quality baits from supplied by Basil Coates at Gb Fishing Angling Centre. Big thank you to Bill Baker

July 2015
Fallon's PB of an 8lb Common
Loz's fine 8lb Common Carp
Phil from Llampeter with an 14lb Grassie
Our first ever Chub Photograph


13th: Fantastic day yesterday for Ceredigion Coarse Anglers who fished against Pembrokeshire at Nine Oaks Fishery yesterday. Both clubs had top quality baits from and both teams caught some quality fish (Carp Roach Bream Tench Barbel Chub) Today's match was won by Pembrokeshire with a total weight of 287lb 3oz CCA had 257lb but over the two matches CCA take the win. Individual
1st, Carl Worrall 85lb 14oz
2nd, Chris Kidd 64lb 13oz
3rd, John Davies 50lb 13oz

Yesterday Ceredigion Coarse Anglers fished against Pembroke in the second match that was held at Nine Oaks Fisheries. The fishing was good with quality carp roach bream and chub In the end Pembroke won the day with a team total of 287lb with CCA had a total of 257lb But over the two matches Team Ceredigion Coarse Anglers came out on top well done all Nine Oaks is a great day ticket venue and is open all year round Fishery owner Bill Baker Bill Baker is always ready to help and advise anglers to help them enjoy their days fishing

12th,: Team Ceredigion Coarse Anglers held the second match against Pembrokeshire at Nine Oaks Fishery. The fishing around the lake was steady with some good Carp Roach Bream and Chub. Team Pembroke member Chris Kidd was catching steady on paste and was looking good for the lake win. Team CCA Vice Chairman Andrew Kirtley was also catching steady with some good carp giving him the runaround. Pamela Worrall was also doing well on her feeder rod catching carp roach and bream. At the end of the match Pembrokeshire were looking good for the win in which they did with a good team catch of 287lb 3oz. Individual result
1st, Carl Worrall 84lb 14oz
2nd, Chris Kidd 64lb 13oz
3rd, John Davies 50lb 13oz
Over the two matches we are happy to say Team CCA take the victory.
Well done
Al Price Andrew Kirtley Mick Carol Butler Ashley Wright Pamela Worrall Mark Woodward Carl Worrall Shaun Bethell Andy Weston Ceredigion Coarse Anglers would like to thank Bill Baker Bill Baker owner of Nine Oaks Fishery for a fantastic days fishing ??????

Carl Worrall. Today it was the return match against Pembrokeshire at Nine Oaks Fishery. The fishing was a bit slow to start with but as the day went on I started to get some good size carp and some cracking Roach. My bait today was casters and worm with red/white maggots down the edge from The lads from Pembrokeshire got into the swing of it as Chris from Pembroke was catch all day on paste. And John was catching on pellets. Our lads and lass were finding it slow but kept on till the end. In the end Pembrokeshire had the win with a team total of 287lb 3oz well done. Individual winners:-
1st, Carl Worrall 84lb 14oz
2nd, Chris Kidd 64lb 13oz
3rd, John Davies 50lb 13oz
Over the 2 matches Team Ceredigion Coarse Anglers came out on top, will done everyone.
Al Price, Andrew Kirtley, Mick, Carol Butler, Ashley Wright, Pamela Worrall, Mark Woodward and Me ????

August 2015
Local angler, Mark lands another grassie at 9.5lb from House Pool
youngster from Merthyl Tydfyl with his pb of 16lb Common
visiting angler lands excellent Carp from House Pool
Phil's 16lb Common


19th,: Kyle Chillery. Good days fishing at nine oaks with Carl Woodward today,slow to start with,plenty of roach!!! But once we got through the roach had a lot of nice carp
September 2015


20th,: Today was round 1 of the Gb Fishing Angling Centre silver fish only winter league at Nine Oaks Fishery. The weather was good and so was the fishing with some quality Roach Bream Tench Barbel Chub. Jonathan Davies of Pembrokeshire was on peg two and was fishing 5m on the ground with casters as bait and had a fantastic day with a new silver match record. Next peg was the Legend Mick Carol Butler who had a steady day but had to many small roach. On Peg 6 was Carl Worrall but he's was having a bad day at the office with a few health problems and he broke his whip the day was not looking good. Peg 9 was steve from Pembroke who was having some quality Roach next peg was Kyle Chillery who could not get out of the carp which was no good in this match. Andrew Kirtley was busy all day and looked like he was on to a winner but also he had to many carp in his swim. As always the fun loving pair Andy Weston and Mark Woodward were none stop with the banter ???? AnAshley Wrightht claimed a victory oveTim Davieses. 1st, Jonathan Davies 39lb 1oz 2nd, Steve Pem 22lb 3r Carl Worrall 17lb 8oz Well done to everyone who fished today Big thank you to Bill Baker and to
October 2015


18th,: Club match update Round 1 of the Ceredigion Coarse Anglers winter league starts on Sunday the 1st, of November. At springwater lakes Nr Lampeter. Sign in at 9am Fishing 10 till 3pm. Ceredigion Coarse Anglers Christmas open. Date will be the 19th, or 20th, of December. Entry fee 18. ( this is a per book and pay match because of limited pegs ) Mr Bill Baker Bill Baker has given us a 12 month membership for Nine Oaks Fishery for the Christmas competition and we thank you for this kind Offer. 1st, 12 month membership to nine oaks fishery + 25 meat voucher + 20 tackle Voucher 2nd, 15 meat voucher + 15 tackle voucher 3rd, 10 meat voucher + 10 tackle voucher Plus other prizes Also thank you to Paul of Penparcau Butchers and Basil Coates of Gb Gb Fishing Angling Centre

28th,:Carl Worrall - Just got back from a few hours silver fishing at Nine Oaks fishery. Bait was maggots and casters Rig was a middy pencil float with middy lo viz line 3.4 body 2lb snood with a size 20 middy 63-13 hook The fishing was good with some Quality roach bream but with the weather being mild the carp were on the feed. You'd start getting a good run of roach but then the carp would come into the swim and all hell would let loose. But still great time in a top venue Big thank you to Bill Baker Bill Baker and to Basil Coates of Gb Fishing

November 2015
Carl's few hours
A good afternoon fishing?
Ian's lovely Trout
A good day's fishing anywhere?
Andy's Grass Carp
Andy's Grass Carp


25th,: Carl Worrall from Aberystwyth, had a few hours spare today so he came here and fished in the house pool.
Bait was a pint of casters. He setup on the left side of the lake, to get a bit of tree cover as it was raining and very windy and not the best day for fishing. He knows that the pool is full of carp, tench, bream, cracking roach with some chub and barbel; but he wanted to have some fun and targeted the Bream and Roach. Fishing the pole at about 4 or 5 meters with a KC silver float to 0.13 line and hook length of 0.11 with a size 20 B911 F1 hook. First drop a carp of 3lb then another to 2lb then a good run of quality roach with the odd skimmer. He kept drip-feeding casters and after a couple of hours ran out-of bait.
He thought that the fishing was fantastic with some quality roach to 1lb, some nice skimmers and a few carp. The best part about today was the winter ticket for the house pool costs just 5; which is fantastic value for money especially when you realise that this pool also has some big carp!

23rd,: Today saw a lull in the weather following the many days of continuous wind and rain. Ian and Bill from Borth took their opportunity to go Trout fishing and were rewarded with a grand day's sport as both had another cracking day here, as they have each time they've visited us. Here are some pictures of Ian's lovely Trout the smallest is 2lb. His fishing partner Bill ended the day with a 3 fish bag of Trout.

15th,: Today was round 3 of the Silver fish league at Nine Oaks Fishery

The weather was fair with a strong wind causing problems for many. Shaun Bethell on peg 2 started of well but then couldn't stop catching carp - if only it had been an ordinary match?
On pegs 2 and 3 were the Pembroke boys, Steve and Brian, who had some good fish but also had problems with the carp in their pegs. League leader on peg 6 was Jonathan Davies (Pembroke, pictured left) who proved once again that he was going to be hard to beat. Mick Butler on peg 8 aka "the ships Cat" was busy all day with plenty of small roach and alas several good Carp too. Mark Woodward was showing that he was improving and fished well but not good enough to beat his brother Carl, and as from today Mark is now known as "Carl bitch!" The inter-personal match between Andrew Kirtley and Carl Woorrall continued with Andrew just beaten by Carl Worrall. Meanwhile, Bethan Jones and Andy Weston were carped out but Andy was pleased to have caught a nice barbel.
Some Results:
1st, Jonathan Davies 26lb 7oz (pictured left)
2nd, Carl Worrall 16lb 8oz
3rd, Andrew Kirtley 15lb 7oz
4th, Brain Hammond 14lb 15oz
5th, Mick Butler 14lb 12oz

12th,: A horrible day, with steady wind and squally rain in the afternoon.
Although a slow start, it turned out to be a great day at nine oaks today for Andy, Mick and Carl Worrall.
They had shed loads of Carp and Roach and this little beauty for Andy Weston

4th, :From Carl Worrall's Facebook page
What a unbelievable time at Nine Oaks Fishery with some great company.
Mick and I got to nine oaks for 11.15 I setup on peg 2 Mick on peg 3 and we started fishing at noon. I just setup one rig as I wanted to try out the Middy Hi-Viz F1-Carp Micro-ShockElastic 4-8, Main line was Middy Lo-Viz 0.12, hook length 0.10 with a size 18 Middy 63-13. Bait was Casters.
The start was slow with only one roach after 30 minutes but then I had a nice chub around 2lb then a carp of 3lb. After a few more roach the carp came in and it was carp after carp for some quality fishing. We packed up around 4pm but it was nice to have 2 chub a few good roach and I lost count of the Carp I had.
Thank you to Bill Baker of Nine Oaks and to Mick Butler for the company.

December 2015
Andy's Peg 11


19th, : 2015 - Xmas Match Results of the 2015 Christmas Open here at Nine Oaks Fishery. What a good day it was for everyone who turned up. Carl Worrall finished with 50lb (for second place). He commented that on any other day this time of year it should have won but today I got my bottom kicked.
Peg 11, as everyone knows is the best carp peg on the pool but you've still got to get the fish out and fair play to today's winner with a fantastic 77lb was Bethan Jones. Well done Bethan top angling from a relative beginner.
3rd was the "Ships Cat" aka Mick Butler, and 4th was Mr Andrew Kirtley. A big thanks to Andrew Kirtley for his continued support by providing the winners rosettes.

Carl Worrall's Facebook posting reads:-Just got back from the club's Christmas open at Nine Oaks Fishery and what a good day it was for everyone who turned up. I was happy with 50lb and on any other day this time of year it should have won but today I got my bottom kicked. Peg 11, we all know it is the best carp peg on the pool but saying that you've still got to get the fish out and fair play to today's winner with a fantastic 77lb was Bethan Jones well done Bethan top angling. 3rd was the Ships Cat Mick Carol Butler Butler and 4th was Mr Andrew Kirtley

12th, : There was a good turnout for round 4 of the Gb Fishing Angling Centre silver fishing only league match today at Nine Oaks Fishery. Weather, it Rained most of the day but there was no wind. With this mild weather the carp were feeding like it was summer making it hard to get some silvers in the net. Pegs 2 3 14 and 15 are always good for big bags of silvers but the carp just took over and between them could only get just over 5lb in roach. Mick Butler was fishing a good match with some nice fish. League leader Jonathan Davies was catching but like everyone else more cap then silvers. Peg 12 was Carl Worrall who had a good start with some nice roach and a chub of 3lb+ but like everyone else the carp stopped any big weight from the peg. 1st Carl Worrall 13lb 4oz
2nd Mick Butler 8lb 13oz
3rd Jonathan Davies 5lb 14oz

6th,: Andrew Kirtley - I have been to the CCA winter league at Nineoaks today, the match was a rover and I drew 5 out of the bag meaning that I was 5th off too find my peg. As luck would have it the others didn't pick one of my favourite pegs so the temptation was too great not to go there, No. 11 has been good to me in the past and today was no different. Had a great day catching quality roach, shallow at 2 + 3 and some good Carp tight against some overhanging bushes at 11 mtrs , weighed in 52lb 5oz with one carp being a Barney Rubble. Ended the day with a win so it was a very good day, well done Shaun Bethell with a second, and Carl Worrall third, well done Carl Worral for his great silver fish weight, hope you do the same next week ??.

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