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A picture of a nice sized Barbel that can be expected
Barbel Fishing
Fishing for Barbel at Nine Oaks Fishery
Updated: 22nd, November August 2014
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Fishery layout
Aerial view of Fishery
Another picture of the good Bream that can be expected

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A plan of the Fishery, its buildings and its lakes An aerial view of Fishery, courtesy of Google

Aerial map courtesy of Google

Our Barbel are growing nicely  Local angler, Carl with one of our hard fighting Barbel.

Nineoaks has 3 Coarse lakes holding a mixed head of quality fish. In the autumn of 2011 a number of small barbel were stocked in the Main Pool. These have since grown well (see pictures above) and are providing some suprisingly good sport, even though they are not yet fully grown. Their power and speed is fabulous. They like a frozen mussel in the margins and Luncheon meat too; these the best baits fished on the bottom and accompanied with a method mix.

Baits for catching Barbel:

Best all-round general bait’s for Barbel are definitely maggots, cooked or frozen mussel (Preferably NOT those in jars with preservatives or added cooking flavourings and sauces!!!) under the overhanging bushes. Also Luncheon meat, sausage meat, cheese and cubes of cheese, worms, dendrobaena worms, red worm, brandlings, grubs, bread (either crust, flake or paste), casters, hemp and caster, pinkies and sweetcorn and boilies. Occasionally they have been caught in mid-summer on floating bread. So don't be surprised if they are caught on an unexpected bait. They're scavengers. if it's on offer and they're in the mind they will take it. So don't be afraid to experiment. Attract them into your swim with Micro-pellets by continuously feeding every few minutes small amounts in the same area and the occasional tit-bit of bait while fishing with a quality bait, not any old stale piece of meat.

During the summer months the best times are definitely early morning and from late afternoon (4pm which is when their inner dinner bell rings) and the Barbel will be on the lookout for a good feed. They are also known to take bread off the surface, just like a Carp. Maggots while being an excellent bait will also provide Roach and non-carp species too. Method mixes fished with a preferred bait will provide some terrific sport. Dog food, Cat food and tinned "beef tongue" or the likes of Coshida Trout & Salmon Cat Food should produce some good sport. However, the use of boilies and excessive amounts of ground bait going in are discouraged.

Fishing Methods for catching Barbel:

Most coarse fishing methods will catch Barbel including float, ledger and the feeder is considered the best method. Barbel prefer strong, fast flowing waters but also do well in lakes. Wherever you're fishing, a good through-action rod with a fixed spool reel and a minimum of 6lb line should be used. Depending on the size of the fish and the size of the bait being used a hook size between 12 and 4 should be ideal. Always use barbless hooks as they are easier to unhook and cause less damage to the fish. When river fishing and if ledgering that you use a weight or feeder heavy enough that will hold the bait close to the riverbed. The strength of flow will determine the size of weight so go prepared. When float fishing in faster waters use a big Avon or a Loafer float that carries a lot of shot. Fix a number down the line the bulk of the shot near the hook to cut through the water and keep the hook & bait closer to the river bed.

Advice :

When a barbel is hooked it will NOT give up easily and a big fish will fight until it is exhausted. Try to land and unhook the barbel quickly. Once landed and unhooked, hold the barbel in your net until it kicks and is ready to swim away. When river fishing keep the fish facing upstream to aid a faster recovery. It can take from a couple of minutes to 15 minutes or longer for an exhausted fish to recover.

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How to Identify your catch and learn some useful facts on all species of Fresh Water Fish:

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Our lakes:-

Main has an average depth of 4-5ft. There are plenty of trees, bushes and bays all around the lake that provide lots of features to fish in to and under. A good variety of Carp of all sizes with the biggest going into the mid-20's. Main also has some excellent Roach fishing, skimmers, Tench and Grass carp up to 14lb. Bream are reputed to be in to double figures with a large black specimen infrequently caught. Mainly Bream of around 3/4-1lb mark are caught on sweetcorn.>

House is about 10ft deep in the middle with the margins being about 4ft deep. Plenty of features and trees/bushes on 3 sides and a large lilly bed. House. like Main, has a good head of Carp plus Bream, excellent Roach, Tench and a couple of Grass Carp up to 10lb. Carp here go up to 18lb with an average of about 4lb. With its good depth, fishing on the bottom away from the banks generally with sweetcorn, good number of decent Bream are caught. Mainly around the 1-1 1/2lb mark. With a few bigger specimens and plenty of smaller ones to keep you busy.

Novices is between 6 and 8ft deep in the middle. Some tree cover and deep margins. Carp up to 4lb with plenty of 1/2lb'ers and good Roach to keep the novice, beginner or expert angler busy all day. there are a small number of skimmer Bream in this pool. To one side of the Lake there is a thick hedge providing plenty of cover when it's windy.

Here you will be able to contact the fishery if you are considering visiting us or wish to know how we can help you? 
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