Their are no strangers here only friends we haven't yet met!
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A typical Carp - not the biggest but fighting fit with an average of 5-6lb!
A typical fish from the Novices Pool
An excellent standard of hard fighting Trout
Check Here For Superb Roach Fishing
Fish species at Nineoaks?
Trout, Carp & Coarse Fishing at Nine Oaks
Updated: 18th, January 2014
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How to Identify your catch and learn some useful facts on all species of Fresh Water Fish:

Click here to learn about identifying Fresh Water Fish.


A good days fishing?
Fishery layout
Aerial view of Fishery
A picture of a 12lb 8oz Ghost Mirror from the House Pool

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A plan of the Fishery, its buildings and its lakes An aerial view of Fishery, courtesy of Google

Aerial map courtesy of Google

• Fishing Times are Sunrise to Sunset throughout the year. However, please don't ring the bell (LHS of the double doors under the verandah of the Fishery Lodge) before 8am - just go fishing and we will catch up with you when we do our daily walk around.

The main Trout species are Rainbow and Blues mainly around 2lb but up to 7lbs with a small head of Tiger Trout and some little brownies. Fishing by single fly only.

The Coarse lakes contain most Coarse Fish Species. There is excellent Roach fishing where they go up to 2lb, good Bream, lovely Tench, awesome Grass Carp up to 20lb, small Chub, small Barbel, and all species of Carp mainly around the 5lb mark but they do go to the mid-20s; with plenty of doubles or near doubles. Float Fishing, Margin Fishing, Ledger Fishing and Floating Baits on the surface are allowed. Most baits are good, and margin fishing is excellent.

Night Fishing is allowed and must be pre-booked, and specific Night Fishing and safety conditions apply.

In 2006, the Fishing Magazine, "Improve you Coarse Fishing" in an article of Surface Fishing for Carp, we were chosen as amongst the Top 6 in the whole Country!

<In 2010, we received an "Top 100 Commercial Coarse Fishery" Certificate from the Angler's Mail.

Safety note: Throughout the fishery, especially around the lakes, wherever you see short grass it is generally safe; wherever you see long grass especially on the lake edges please exercise caution.

We want you to enjoy your fishing without having an eau-naturale bath! The long grass demarks the lake edges but also hides the angler from the fish and the fish from the angler. Consequently the fish will and do come right in to the edges or margins. Which helps to make margin fishing at Nineoaks excellent and some of the best anywhere.

We are often asked, "is the fishery dog friendly?", the answer is yes, provided YOUR dog is not causing a nuisance to any other angler they and you are welcome. We do however expect you to clean up any doo-dahs deposited by them - without fail!

Our fish definitely prefer a mixed variety of foods, swimming dogs are definitely not a good bait and will absolutely scare the fish away from your swim! ;))

Having said that, provided they don't go swimming, and don't cause a nuisance to other anglers, AND that you gather any doo-dahs deposited by your animal, all dogs are welcome. There is no charge. However, should you not keep your pet under control then it will become an "issue"! We trust that you are happy with our "Dog Friendliness", we hope that you visit us with your pet companion?

Here you will be able to contact the fishery if you are considering visiting us or wish to know how we can help you? 
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