Beulah - World Class Fly Rods.

World Class Beulah Fly Rods and Fly Lines - not a well known brand, but perfectly formed!

Beulah Tackle

On the water the Beulah Guide Series of Fly Fishing Rod would translate into better presentation, longer casts and quicker hook-ups.

Regardless of weather conditions, density of fly line, or type of fly, wersquo;ve designed our rods to ensure that the Beulah rods delivered.

We didn’t just meet this criterion, we exceeded it! The Beulah Guide series Fly Rods are so light and crisp that you’ll feel less fatigued and be able to fish longer and harder than you would ever imagined possible.

We’ve made the Beulah Guide Fly Rods to impressive and exceed your expectations. Anybody trying them out for the first time would, without hesitation, want to buy one there and then!

To make our range of rods specific, we started out with highest quality modulus IM8 graphite available, and rolled it into a continuous slim and ultra strong blank, finishing it off with titanium guides and the highest grade of Portuguese cork.

The small Beulah range of tackle

The Beulah guide series forms part of their range of fly rods and accessories. These include an exceptional series of Beulah Switch,

7 piece Beulah Travel Rods and the Beulah G9 Super Guides.

Beulah also offer their Beulah range of reels giving functionality, performance and superb balance; Supported by a selection of fly lines that optimize rod load and deliver peak performance.

Finally their terrific quality Beulah range of Fly Lines providing a selection of fly lines that optimize rod load and deliver peak performance.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that while using our rods fly fishing, should you slip or have cause to do unspeakable things to the tip section, our guide series come with a spare tip as standard.

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