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A fine example of our lovely Rainbow Trout
There are plenty more like this one - a 3lb Rainbow Trout?
A photograph of two pleased anglers showing off with their catch
Rainbow, Blue & Brown Trout Fishing
Trout Fishing at Nine Oaks Fishery
Updated: 30th, July 2012
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A good days fishing?
Fishery layout
Aerial view of Fishery
Two anglers with the results of a fine days Trout Fishing, including Trout to 6lb

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A plan of the Fishery, its buildings and its lakes An aerial view of Fishery, courtesy of Google

Aerial map courtesy of Google

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There are a total of 6 lakes here, 3 Tout Pools and Coarse. Each pool is roughly 1/2 acre in size. Their names are Derwen, Weir and Pallen. Each Trout Lake contains Rainbow Trout, a few Blue Troutand small Brown Trout. Please return all Brown Trout. We have a reputation for having hard fighting fish, not the biggest fish you'll catch, but fish worthy of catching.

Our stocking policy is to maintain a good head of 2lb+ Trout and re-stock regularly. In 2010 all Trout Pools were also stocked with a head of small Brown Trout in each lake. These must be returned back to the water alive and not taken off-site?

During the summer months the best times are definitely early morning and evenings. With the last hour of the day often producing good hatches of flies for the dry fly angler. We have a good hatches of Damsel Flies with the occasional and infrequently seen "beautiful Damsel" Fly.

Wet flies on small hooks are often the best to use with, Damsels, Montanas, Diawl Bach, Nymphs and Fritz's frequently producing the goods. Each lake has a different personality and preference for different colours of the same fly.

All tickets allow fishing on any of our 3 Trout lakes. However, from time to time one lake will be designated and sign posted as "Catch & Release" only. Please comply with this notice.

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During July and August (usually when the weather is hotter and Trout Fishing is at its hardest) we do allow worming and spinning for them.

Besides the Trout Lakes there are also 3 Coarse lakes.

How to Identify your catch and learn some useful facts on all species of Fresh Water Fish:

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The Trout lakes are:-

Derwen is about 18ft deep with a good stock of 2lb+ Rainbows, 2lb+ Blues. There are a few trees around the lake.

Weir is 8-10ft deep with a good stock of 2lb+ Rainbows and Blues. Trees and bushes are on all sides of the lake, which can make casting challenging, but it does offer plenty of cover for the fish. However, there are also plenty of good casting spots. The runs of several 3lb Rainbow in this lake have taken the line right back to the backing 2 or 3 times before finally being subdued.

Pallen is up to 8ft deep with a good stock of 2lb+ Rainbows and Blues. There are a number of difficult casting spots and several good clear areas. The narrows of Pallen will require side-casting to fish, but this often rewards the persistent angler with cracking sport.

Here you will be able to contact the fishery if you are considering visiting us or wish to know how we can help you? 
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