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March 2006 News Story

What do you do when you go fishing?

Updated: 17th, March 2006
A picture of a Boy fishing with his rod pod.Anglers are being asked to help in a survey about patterns of angling activity and spending across England and Wales in 2005.
The research team is asking everyone who went freshwater fishing last year to complete a questionnaire on-line at:

The project, which has been commissioned by the Environment Agency and Defra. Its purpose is to help to understand how important freshwater fishing is for jobs and incomes in different regions of England and Wales. The results will help to the future development of fisheries.

Dr Guy Mawle, Fisheries Policy Officer for the Environment Agency, said:

"This study will show us and government how important freshwater angling can be for jobs and incomes across England and Wales. But we need anglers to provide the basic information. We would like everyone who went freshwater fishing in England or Wales during 2005 to take part.

"It doesn't matter where you come from or how keen you are. The questionnaire only takes about 10 minutes to complete so it won’t take up much of your time."

So click on the link above and help influence angling policy for the future good of fishing?

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