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January 2005 News Story

Crushed hardcore for safer banks and pathways

Updated: 24th, January 2005
As part of our bankside improvements to improve safety for all and provide safer access for our disabled or non-ambulant visitors and anglers.
We are initially spreading up to 100 tons of gravel before Easter. The reasons for this are to 'stiffen' the bank side clay and to enable excess water to drain away and thereby drying the banks and providing a hard-core for further improvements.

We have no intention of destroying the grassy banks and natural beauty of Nine Oaks but we must make it safe and accessible for everyone. We are also continuing to increase the number of new fishing pegs in line with those already installed.

Stay posted for future announcements on improvements!

20th, Decembr 2006; during the past few weeks the general weather has been extremely wet and windy. In the past after such bad weather it was usual to close off access to the promontory or island because the mud was 6" or more deep. Since the hardcore has been down such action has been unnecessary and even now after all the rain the banks are mainly firm and on the promontory it is almost dry. So, at last no more mud baths - hooray!

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