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The results of a good days fly fishing showing the quality of fish that can be caught here

Ideal Flies to use during March at Nineoaks

Advocated flies at the fishery during March

Updated: 24th, November 2014
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Top flies in March include January & February's, flies plus:-
A picture of a Flexi Floss Bloodworm Fly
Flexi Floss Bloodworm

The bloodworm is an imitation of the larval stage of the Chironomid midge or buzzer. Bloodworm spend the majority of their time living in a silty tube in the bottom silt. When disturbed they move their bodies from side to side.

Best fished either on a floating line and long leader or sinking/intermediate line near the bottom, using a slow figure of eight retrieve.

A Black Woolly Bugger fly
Black Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger is a lure used for both rivers and stillwater's, it is best fished either weighted on a floating line / intermediate or unweighted on a sinking line. Use with a steady figure of eight retrieve

A Black and Green Fritz fly
The Green and Black Fritz

The Black and Green Fritz works superbly when fished using various rates of retrieve. The pattern can also be tied in a mass of colours from dark to very bright with black, white and orange being popular. With the darker coloured fritz's are usually fished more slowly than the lighter coloured ones.

The Black and Green Fritz is an outstanding fly in the cold winter months and overall an excellent lure to use during this period.

A sample of a Cats Whisker Fritz Fly
Cats Whisker Fritz

An all round lure, fish either on a floating, intermediate or sinking line at various rates of retrieve and it should still catch. It works superbly even when fished very slowly or even on the drop. Available in various colours and combinations from orange to black combo's.

A good winter fly - the Haemoglobin Buzzer
Haemoglobin Buzzer

There are many variants of the so called "Buzzer", fishing with one on a bright sunny day can be effective.

Generally fished deep and close to the bottom it's always useful to have some in your box.

The fly can be fished like many buzzers on either an intermediate or floating line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve. Takes can be about 2-4ft deep fished close to weed beds in shallow water. In winter this type of fly can be excellent when trout are still taking buzzers as part of their diet.
A good winter fly - the Ice Buzzer
Ice Buzzer

Another variant of a "Buzzer". Others include the matchstick, and the flexifloss to name but a few.

Fish in the same manner as the Haemoglobin above

Also, consider the Viva, Spectral Bloodworm, Beaded Apps Bloodworm, Black Pennell, small lures, and the gold ribbed hare's ear.
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