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2004 222.jpg
7yr Old Reece McCreedie fishing in the Novices Pool455 viewsA 3lb 9oz bag of quality Roach caught by Reece while fishing in the Novices Pool with Maggot and Trout Pellets on Sunday 19th December 2004.
August 2007401 viewsHow's that for a smile - his first ever fish! A 3/4lb Common Carp on luncheon meat fished about 3ft deep and just under a little bush on the edge of the Novices Pool. This young sngler went on to land many more fish from 1/2lb upwards.
2005 120.jpg
Happy and Hooked!376 viewsHere we have a young novice showing off with her best Carp of the morning. After a bit of help setting up she began to catch within minutes!
Kai Worrall354 viewsKai caught this carp on the novice pool on Sunday 3rd August 2008 at his favourite spot, he used sweet corn on a size 14 hook using a whip, to catch this lovely little carp.
2004 224.jpg
An 11lb Bag of Carp caught in the Novices Pool353 viewsA fine sample of the quality fish that can be caught in the Novices Pool. Bait was Maggot.
2005 278~0.jpg
The "other" twin.320 viewsNot content with skimmers just a cracking carp, please?
2005 305.jpg
And there's more.318 viewsWhat a start to enjoying fishing!
2005 328.jpg
Me too Bruv..303 viewsWhat my brother can do , so can I.
2005 330.jpg
Another outing!301 viewsThe terrible twins show off again!
2005 309.jpg
Look Dad has a go as well288 viewsAfter seeing the kids having a great time Dad feels the urge. Doesn't he look chuffed with his first ever Carp caught 14th August 2005
Picture 241.jpg
First ever fish281 viewsA young lad from Reading while accompanying his parents at a Corporate Fishing evening at Nineoaks was given some tuition in our Novices Pool and soon caught this little beauty - lovely Common Carp.
2005 304.jpg
And Dad tries too!278 viewsOnce the kids start it becomes infectious. Then Dad tries and when Mum's there she often does too. Here's one of those dads showing off. Not bad for a beginner?
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