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The rules on fishing in Wales, where you can go and who you can go fishing with, as of 15th May 2020.

Making it safe for you to fish here during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We're now open for day-time fishing only.

To read either set of details, click on one of the link buttons below:-

Current Covid-19 situation

From AnglingCymru Friday 10th July 2020.

competition anglerAngling Competitions can resume with social distancing from Monday 13th July.

Boat FishingBoast Fishing, private and charter boats, can take people out from multiple households from Monday 13th July.

Bivvy anglerNight Fishing or bivvying for more than one consecutive night now permitted from Monday 27th July.

From AnglingCymru Friday 12th June 2020. Angling Cymru has sought clarification from Welsh Government regarding night fishing and the current restrictions in Wales. The information we have been given is as follows:-
a) Anglers can go fishing at night providing they adhere to the Government restrictions on travelling.
Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020 - section 8
b) Angling businesses, sites, fisheries or clubs also offering overnight accommodation & camping are not allowed to open the accommodation section under current legislation.
Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020 - section 5
c) Putting up a bivvy is classed as a tent & as such is covered under the legislation above. Angling Cymru believes that one night may be overlooked. However, when anglers are staying 2 or more nights, then we are concerned that the site owner could be seen to be offering illegal camping and campsite facilities and as such the site owner would be liable to prosecution.
This is a decision that each angling business site owner, landowner, fishery or club would have to make to allow bivvying or not having been made aware of this information?
Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020 - section 5

From AnglingCymru 19th May 2020. The current situation is that all land-based fishing is allowed. But, all forms of fishing afloat is not. That means any method of being afloat in a boat, float-ring, kayak etc. is disallowed.

Also, anglers must observe the closed season on rivers and canals. Private lakes are not subject to the close season.

Members of AnglingCymru are meeting with Welsh Government to plan for further easing of restrictions over the coming weeks.

As of 18th May 2020.
It was confirmed that angling in Wales is now allowed under the current regulations.

  • Angling is a "permitted" form of exercise in Wales.
  • Exercise is a "reasonable excuse" for being away from home.
  • It is not illegal to drive locally & it is "reasonable" to drive to carry your exercise equipment e.g. fishing tackle, golf clubs etc.

The term locally has not been defined so we advise that you stay as close to home as you can, and fish from your nearest venue, not your favourite one!

Health regulations (Coronavirus Restrictions)(Wales) Regulations 2020 as amended, section 8(1) & (2)

On the 13th May 2020. The First Minister, Mark Drakeford, confirmed in Wednesday's Plenary (13/05/2020) that angling is allowed under the new lockdown laws but only with the locality of where the Angler lives and it must be done locally and people must observe social distancing.
"Here in Wales, we are encouraging people to stay home as that is the best way in which we can help one another to overcome this crisis. That's why we're all making the sacrifices that we are.

"But people are allowed now to leave their homes more than once a day for exercise, and if your way of taking exercise is to walk from your home to a river and to sit there and not near other people, and to go fishing, then that is allowed within the rules in Wales.
"But it must be local and they must observe social distancing."

Who can I go fishing with?
As with any other form of exercise, it must be done alone or with one other household member. Not 2 or more, just 1.

"Our laws are clear that you must exercise alone or with members of your household".

Angling Cymru also advise people to sanitise hands regularly and avoid dangerous fishing venues or those where you cannot maintain safe distancing.
No boat fishing, overnight fishing or fishing in closed areas of land or property are permitted provided permission has been granted by the land or venue owner.

Natural Resources Wales also add that you must:

  • have a valid fishing rod license
  • adhere to fisheries byelaws including the close season on rivers and canals.
  • have permission from the land owner to be there.

Where can I go fishing?

The advice on the Welsh Government website confirms that exercise should only be done locally and this is the case for fishing.

"To reduce the risk of spread of coronavirus exercise must also be done within an area local to home," reads the Welsh Government's guidelines. If you have any symptoms DO NOT come fishing here as Bill is on the "at risk" list and does not want it, period! Opening up for your fishing already puts him at risk, so your cooperation and consideration would be appreciated, including DON'T KEEP HIM Talking!

"Exercise should not, therefore, involve travelling any significant distance from home.

A "common sense" approach is encouraged when it comes to the definition of local. By that we mean within your locality and not places many miles away.

Can I drive to go fishing?
There's a great deal of confusion around this, but hopefully clarification should be forthcoming soon. Disabled or non-ambulant persons by necessity can drive to a fishing venue.

Natural Resources Wales, in their own guidelines, state that you can go fishing, but without driving. However, Angling Cyrmu announced earlier in the week that driving to fish was permitted in local areas.
Our take on this is that most fisheries are located in rural areas, not within towns or cities, and therefore would necessitate most people having to drive to fish on one. Unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have one on your doorstep? But, with the significant gear that anglers now carry, using a car is almost a necessity!

Hopefully, we can get this clarified soon? Also, your destination venue must be your nearest one, not necessarily for favourite one, and MUST not be one outside of your local area. Should you get stopped by the Police and are found to be going to a venue outside of your locality, YOU risk being fined; YOU have been warned.

Making it safe for YOU and US!

During the Coronavirus, what won't be available when you arrive here for fishing

  • There won't, in the first instance, be any maggots.
  • The tackle shop will be closed to anglers, but baits, tackle etc. can be provided.
  • There won't be any plastic chairs for you to use as they have been removed. Please come prepared with your own seating needs.
  • The rest-room for brewing tea etc. will be closed. Therefore, you will need a flask etc. for refreshments.
  • Anglers only of any age permitted, and no visitors allowed.
  • All landing nets have been removed. Please come prepared with your own landing net.
  • The Towel in the Toilet has been replaced with paper towels, and a bin for their disposal. DO NOT put Paper Towels down the toilet, please use the bin provided. ANTI-BACterial wipes provided as well as an anti-bac spray. Please use them and keep safe.
  • Bacon Sandwiches, pies, pasties etc. will not be available.
  • PLEASE, have the correct fishing monies ready as change will be reluctantly given. Not that we want to keep the change, as we don't, but we don't want to come in contact with you. The cost of fishing hasn't changed, click here for more details.
  • Tell Bill to "shut up", stop talking and clear-off, as many of you know he has a small tendency to chat a bit! During this pandemic he won't be having long conversations with you, sorry.
  • Just so as you know. While you haven't been fishing we have re-stocked the Main and House pools with Roach, Skimmer Bream, Tench, Crucian Carp, "F1" Carp and standard Common and Mirror Carp up to 1lb. Meanwhile, they have been fed several times each week with floating Bread and Floating Dog Biscuits plus several gallons of Maggots, Sweetcorn and Rolled Oats. So, no prizes for guessing what baits to bring?

What we expect you to do.

Should you require our attention, please ring the bell by the door into the refreshment room under the lodge's verandah.

DO NOT come to the conservatory door or front door!

Please, wipe the sink, toilet seat and flush handle with the anti-bac wipes provided.

Please, dispose of them in the bin provided. Do not flush them down the toilet.

Have a question or need help?

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