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Nine Oaks Angling Centre

Grass Carp Fishing at Nine Oaks

Nine Oaks' Grass Carp

Except for the Novices Pool, every lake has double figure Grass Carp. The largest on-site is around the 20lb mark, and the smallest around 6lb.

The Main lake has about 4 Grassies, and the House Pool 2. Of the Trout Pools, Pallen and Derwen have 3 each. The best method to fish for them is to use floating baits, such as Bread or Chum Mixer dog biscuits.

However, they have been caught on sweetcorn and waffle. Use light line, around 6lb or 8lb is ideal with the line floating on the surface would be perfect.

During the summer months the best times are definitely early morning and from late afternoon (around 4pm it is as if their inner dinner bell has rung) and the Barbel, like all Coarse fish, will be mooching around looking for food. They are also known to take bread off the surface, just like a Carp. Maggots while being an excellent bait will also provide Roach and non-carp species too. Method mixes fished with a preferred bait will provide some terrific sport. Dog food, Cat food and tinned "beef tongue" or the likes of Coshida Trout & Salmon Cat Food should produce some good fishing. However, the use of boilies and excessive amounts of ground bait going in are discouraged.

If you find that your line sinks then use a little grease to get it to stay on the surface, the natural grease that you find around your nose or the back of your ears is excellent.

Fishing for Grass Carp requires patience and stealth, especially when trying to stalk them.

In an article in Improve your Coarse Fishing during 2006, on surface fishing for Carp, Nine Oaks was chosen as one of the best 6 fisheries in England and Wales.

If you like the adrenaline "buzz" of hard fighting fish where even the smaller fish think they are bigger than they really are, then Nine Oaks is definitely worth a try.


With any surface fishing it is most important that your line, from the float or bite indicator, to your hook is not under the surface. Your line must be on the water, not in it. The solution is simple - grease your line, Butter, Luncheon Meat fat, the oils from around your nose or behind your ears; all help to keep your hook length floating. When it begins to sink it will spook the fish. Think about it, when the fish are swimming around, inspecting your offering, what is likely to happen when your sinking line draws across their dorsal fin?

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