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Excellent Fishing, Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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Brief details of the Trout Lakes

The Trout Lakes

Some fish caught in the Trout Lakes

A 3.5lb Rainbow from Pallen caught by young holidayer Harry Brooker from Brackley, Northants
Ian's lovely Trout
A fine bag of Trout

All tickets allow fishing on any of our 3 Trout lakes. However, from time to time one lake may be designated and sign posted as "Catch & Release" only. Please comply with this notice.

Brief Details of the 2 Trout Lakes:

Safety note: This applies to everywhere around the fishery, especially around the lakes, wherever you see short grass - it is generally safe; wherever you see long grass, especially around the edges of each lake - please exercise caution. We want you to enjoy your fishing without having an eu-naturale bath!

The long grass indicates and warns of the water’s edge, and also hides the angler from the fish, and the fish from the angler. Consequently the fish will and do come right in to the edges or margins. Which helps to make margin fishing at Nine Oaks excellent!

Each Trout pool has plenty of trees for fish cover and for the angler to cast to and under. Difficult spots as well as clear spots too.

The Trout lakes are:-

Derwen is about 18ft deep with a good stock of 2lb+ Rainbows, 2lb+ Blues. There are a few trees around the lake.

Weir is 8-10ft deep with a good stock of 2lb+ Rainbows and Blues. Trees and bushes are on all sides of the lake, which can make casting challenging, but it does offer plenty of cover for the fish. However, there are also plenty of good casting spots. The runs of several 3lb Rainbow in this lake have taken the line right back to the backing 2 or 3 times before finally being subdued.

Pallen is up to 8ft deep with a good stock of 2lb+ Rainbows and Blues. There are a number of difficult casting spots and several good clear areas. The narrows of Pallen will require side-casting to fish, but this often rewards the persistent angler with cracking sport

Photos of the Trout Lakes

This is Pallen Pool This is Derwen Pool This is Weir Pool