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Fishing, Self-Catering Holidays, Beautiful & Peaceful Setting


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Want a Trout Fishing Holiday?

Self-Catering Trout/Fly Fishing Holidays staying in a Cottage, a Bungalow or a Static Caravan near to the lakes.

Nine Oaks in Summer Postmaster Mike with some lovely Trout Gary from South Wales with a lovely 5lb Rainbow Master Harry Brooker with a 3lb 9oz Rainbow A good bag of Trout A fine Trout

For Fishing details, click on one of the links below :-

A Fly Fishing, Self-Catering Holiday in 4star Holiday Cottages or first class Static Caravans.

Particulars of Fly Fishing and Trout Fishing holidays at Nine Oaks Angling Centre. Nine Oaks is open all year from sunrise to sunset. Although not a big complex, nevertheless it is a good one. Naturally one of the prettiest fisheries, and a first class Angling center. Chosen in 2010 as an Anglers’s Mail Top 100 Commercial Fishery. With 3 Trout Lakes and 2 Coarse Lakes, plus a small Novices Coarse Pool, and top class self-catering Holiday Accommodation in Cottages and quality Static Caravans.

Nine Oaks is Disabled Friendly with relatively easy access everywhere. Our Disabled Access Statement.

There are a large variety of clean, hard fighting Rainbow Trout, Blue Trout and small Brown Trout in each of the 3 Trout Pools! All quality hard fighting Fish!

The stocking policy is with a minimum size of 2lb Trout, and plenty of 2 ¼lb’ers, quite a few 3lb and 4lb Trout too. Plus a few bigger ones.

The 3 Trout Lakes are each about ½-¾ acre in size and named Derwen, Weir and Pallen.

  • Derwen is the deepest at 13ft and roughly circular in shape,
  • Weir is 8ft+ deep and has the shape of a square with rounded corners,
  • Pallen about 6ft and has the shape of an elongated triangle.

Like lots of places, fishing is generally with wet flies, and dry flies during the summer and autumn close against the reed beds. Montanas, Diawl Bachs, Damsels and Nymphs in small sizes out produce large flies. Summer months when the sun is high and cloudless, blue skies are frequent, during these times fishing will be hard. Fish deep, or under the bushes with a dead slow, almost stationery, retrieve.

On the accommodation side, you will have to go a long way to find better, cleaner, sweet smelling holiday accommodation than those provided here. We have a couple of Static Caravans, overlooking the lakes, a semi-detached bungalow (graded by the Visit Wales Tourist Board at 4 stars) plus a 4star small cottage annexe, also graded by the Tourist Board; They are more than suitable for an angler, their partner or a family to have a luxury holiday a couple of miles from the beaches. They have central heating, fully equipped kitchens, leather couches, good showers - the lot. The only thing we don’t have is a “Hot Tub”!

You can see more pictures of our accommodation and other fishing details using the options in our Photo Gallery for more pictures :-

You will have to travel a long way to find better Holiday Accommodation, especially Fishing Accommodation, cleaner, fresher smelling than those provided here. We have a couple of Static Caravans, overlooking the lakes, a semi-detached Bungalow plus a Cottage annexe. Both regularly graded by the Visit Wales Tourist Board of a 4 Star Standard. They are suitable for an angler, perfect for their partner or their family having a luxury holiday. They have Central Heating, fully equipped kitchens, leather couches, good showers - the lot, the only thing we don’t have is a "hot Tub"!

At it’s nearest point Derwen is 10 yards from the Car Park, whereas Weir and Pallen are each about 40 yards or more away from it.

These lakes are not plain “holes in the Ground” but each has a very natural setting and surrounded by bushes and trees and plenty of iris around the waterside with a few lilly pads too. Casting is easy in places and more difficult or challenging in others. Side casting near or under the overhanging branches often produces the fish. They’re not stupid, they know where to go where you can’t easily get them!

A few notes about the Fishing

Getting around the lakes is easy with gentle grassy ramps for the non-ambulant, and the occasional slightly steeper one. With good sized concrete platforms aplenty, and a couple of bench style seats around each pool. Almost any small fly will catch. Each Trout lake has a number of large Lilly beds and plenty of reeds and bushes etc. around them.

Each has easy areas to fish from and a number of more difficult spots for challenging fishing. These are not “holes in the ground” type of fishing lakes, they are in a very natural, beautiful setting with trees and bushes throughout the site. Each lake has a few wooden bench seats, just perfect for a short break or a place to leave your gear on.

Overall a place definitely worth a visit and an excellent place to stay whether for a Fishing Holiday or a Family Holiday.

The center is located about 2 miles inland from some of the best sandy beaches and beautiful coast line in Wales. There are plenty of things to do and see just a short drive away. We are not isolated, miles away from anywhere, and once on-site you have a long travel to find other things to do. Here, you can fish in the morning, take the wife out during the day or the kids to the local beaches, and on returning for some spectacular afternoon and evening fishing. What more do you want - a fantastic holiday, superb accommodation and awesome fishing, with no “black marks”?

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