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Monthly Fishing and Catch Reports from the past few years

Summary Reports of Notable Catches and how fishing is generally which we hope you enjoy reading?

2lb Roach House Pool A Common Carp of 16lb from the Main Pool Large Common Carp caught by local Mark on sweetcorn after a hard fight A nice bag of trout caught by Neil from Borth

Catch reports for each year:-

Open all year for Carp, mixed Coarse fishing including Roach, Bream etc. and Trout Fishing.

Who has caught what and when? Here you will find the unadulterated versions of the Trout, Coarse and Carp catch reports, often sent the Angling press for publication.

A nice Trout for Mike Dan with a nice common from Main Mike with a nice Koi from House Pool Mark Woodward with a nice Bream

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