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When to use different types of fly floatant

If you're dry-fly fishing and you want the fly to sit high on the water, then the floatant or silicone sprays are superb because they cover the whole of the fly. But sometimes fish are taking emerging insects from within or just under the surface and it's here that a gels work better.
They enable the angler to apply the floatant sparingly to a particular part of the fly, making that part float, while another parts hang tantalisingly beneath the surface.

The best way of applying a gel is to squeeze a little onto your forefinger and thumb then rub them together to make it viscous. Now apply the gel by rubbing your fingers gently onto the part of the fly you wish to float.

The powder floatant is excellent for revitalising flies as it makes the hackles fluffy again and draws the moisture out.


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