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How should I put my bait on the hook?

The approach for putting your bait on the hook starts with eating spaghetti!

Why spaghetti?

Well, when you're young what's the bestest ever way of eating spaghetti, why sucking it all up from beginning to the end.
This is the first principal of baiting your hook - you want your bait to hang down, long ways, to encourage the fish to "suck it up".

If I gave you a banana to eat, how would you eat it, after peeling it, would you eat it sideways? NO!
You would eat it from one-end down its length, spaghetti style, lengthways not crossways.

So, instead of hooking oblong pieces of meat in the middle, crossways, hooking so that it hangs down to encourage the fish to "suck it up".
The same goes for sweetcorn and many other baits, hook them spaghetti style.

Worms? Normally, although not always, a worm has a collar at one end; hook the worm through the collar with the hook piercing at the top and coming out under the collar. This ensures that the worm hangs down and encourages the fish "sucking it up". Down form a knot on your hook by twirling the worn and piercing it a number of times in different places with the hook. You want a natural bait to look natural.

Use the spaghetti principle, it works.


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