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When shotting your float, ensure that a maximum of 1/2" of the float is sticking out of the water. Shotting the float for even less float to be visible makes the float more sensitive to bites. This will fool even the most bite-shy fish.

It also helps to ensure that the hook is in the fish's mouth and not its stomach as you should strike earlier as the float sinks quicker. Which is better for the fish's health, rather than sticking a disgorger down its throat to extract (usually with difficulty) a hook that you can not see.
Afterall you are operating on the fish without anaesthetic. Think about it, would you like me to stick a broom handle (to the fish this is what the disgorger represents) down your throat a twirl it around your stomach with my eyes closed? A definite big NO.

Please fish sensitively in every sense of the word.


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