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How do I tie a knotless knot?

The knotless knot is a great way to tie an effective hair rig in seconds.  It's used by all the top anglers and suits any hook length materials, whether fluorocarbon, braids or combi-rigs.  Here's how to do it:

Strip off 12in to 14ins of hook length material - a soft material such as braid.  At one end double the material back on itself for three inches, form a loop and pull the end through.  If you find it fiddly, use a baiting needle to pull the end through the loop.  Trim the tag end and if using braid use braid scissors for a clean cut.

Using a baiting needle slide your boilie onto the hook length and trap it in place with a hair stop.  Pass the hook length down through the eye of the hook and using finger and thump trap the boilie half an inch from the bend.

Take the line that is coming down through the eye and ship it back up over the top of the shank tight to the eye.  Repeat this so you have shipped the hook length all the way up the shank until the hair is trapped opposite the point.

Keeping the line trapped in place along the shank, pass the end of the line back down through the eye and carefully tighten.  The finished knot gives brilliant hooking, helping to turn the hook into a carp's mouth when it picks the bait up.


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