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Winter Fishing

Ok, you get to your chosen water and before you start fishing you look at the water.

What does the colour of the water tell you?

#1 If it is slightly coloured, and as you walk around you see the occasional 'clouds' near to the edge some of the fish are feeding.

#2 If there has been a frost and the temperature is cold it is highly likely that the water will be clear in the margins. Why? Fish are "cold-blooded" which means that their metabolism is regulated by the temperature of their surroundings. So when it is warm they're feeding and the water becomes cloudy as they stir up the bottom. When it's cold they begin to shoal up and slow down and feed less often. Also, when the smaller Carp are feeding because they don't have the food reserves of bigger fish. Also, You're more likely to catch smaller Carp, Roach, and Chub because these are the fish most likely to be feeding during winter.

#3 When you can see the bed up to 6ft from the bank then fishing will be hard. The fish will have shoaled up tightly and their feeding will have slowed, so unless you're sitting on the shoal you're not going to catch many fish that day.


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