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Match Results 14th September 2014

11 Anglers Fished this match, which finally got under way at 11am.
Bacon butties etc. were delivered during the mid-session break.
The exceptional fish of the day was an immaculate 2lb Chub caught by Andy on peg 10.
1st Place to Carl Worrall
2nd to Mick and
3rd to Carl Halliwell

No surface baits allowed.
Results are as follows:-
[list:3ncdlfoq]Peg #1 Carl Worrall 33lb 15oz
Peg #2
Peg #3 Jason blanked!
Peg #4 Shaun 9lb
Peg #5 Carl Halliwell 24lb
Peg #6 Mick 26lb 9oz
Peg #7 Pam Worrall 19lb 8oz
Peg #8 Ashley 9lb 4oz
Peg #9 Carl Woodward 7lb 9oz
Peg #10 Andy 7lb 9oz
Peg #11 Mark Woodward 8lb
Peg #12 Andy 4lb 2oz[/list:u:3ncdlfoq]
Match 1 Points as follows:
[list:3ncdlfoq]1 point  Carl Worrall
2 points  Mick
3 points  Carl Halliwell
4 points  Pom
5 points  Pappa Andy
6 points  Shaun
7 points  M Woody
8 points  C Woodward
9 points  Ashley
10 points  Andy
11 points  Jason[/list:u:3ncdlfoq]


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