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Alternative Holiday Accommodation nearby.

Some Alternative Holiday Providers nearby.

Name Directions

Out of the entrance and turn immediately Left, at cross-roads junction turn left again and continue to follow the road. After about ½ mile Shawsmead is on the LHS on the outskirts of Oakford village.

Telephone: 01545 580423

From the entrance turn left and at the junction turn right, heading in a northerly direction. After about ½ mile Cwmsaeson is on the LHS on the outskirts of Oakford village.

Telephone: 01545 581067

 Camping on the Farm,

From Aberystwyth, just as you're coming in to Aberaeron Camping on the Farm is on the RHS of the road. Nine Oaks is about 4 miles away.

Telephone: 07971 402201

The Tourist information Centre can be found in the Harbour area of Aberaeron.

Telephone: 01545 570602

The Tourist information Centre New Quay is located near the Harbour area of New Quay near the beach.

Telephone: 01545 560865

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