Mussels as Bait

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Mussels as Bait

Postby 810admin » Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:50 am

Using Mussels are a great bait. A good "mouthful" for the Carp and bigger Roach, and the Barbel love them too.
BUT!!! Do not use Mussels bought in Jars, as they are full of preservative, nor Mussels in tins of various flavours. They must be either fresh or frozen "Sea Mussels". These can be bought in must Supermarkets.
However, we do keep a stock of frozen Mussels for your convenience.

They are a fragile bait, and need care when putting them on the hook, especially while frozen.
A barbless hook size of 10 or 12 is about right.

DO NOT put the hook through any part of the coloured area of the bait.
On one side of the Mussel is a small, circular, patch of clear or white'ish grissel; put the hook in to this grissel.
Or, open the mussel and inside is a dark, rubbery tongue, put your hook through the tongue.

Cast carefully, a gently underarm cast is best.

It can not be cast far, fish it in the margins, ideally using a small float.
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