How to correctly put meat on the hook?

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How to correctly put meat on the hook?

Postby buddhabaker » Wed Apr 28, 2010 6:56 pm

Choose a chunk of meat suitable for the size of hook to be used. There is not point using a 1/2" of meat with a size 16 hook!

Do not put the hook in to the meat.
Do not pull the hook through the meat.
Do not use use a baiting needle or bait drill.

Do hold the hook by the eye between your finger and thumb with the hook point pointing away from your hand.
Do not move the hook.

Take the piece of meat in your other hand and move it towards the point of the hook. Bury the hook point towards the centre of the meat.
Do not move the hand holding the hook.

Push the meat upwards until the point is buried, then flick the meat upwards with your thumb.
The hook should travel through the meat without splitting it and with the point visible.

The meat should be securely impaled on the hook. Fish as usual.
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