Choosing a reel for specific species or type of fishing

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Choosing a reel for specific species or type of fishing

Postby buddhabaker » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:10 pm

Fly reels can be split into two different categories, either disc drag or spring pawl drag. Disc drag reels have a fine tuned drag system, which is capable of stopping the proverbial train. They are used when big, strong fish are the quarry, typically salmon, steelhead and saltwater species.

Spring pawl reels are a little less sophisticated, but still provide adequate drag. They are more commonly used for trout fishing.

When buying a reel, like the S.A. System 2 Salmon, for sea trout, salmon and steelhead, all migratory and therefore fit fish, choose one that has plenty of line capacity to cope with huge fish, strong rivers and the large line sizes (AFTM 10-12) used for casting heavy tube flies etc.

For stillwater trout fishing you may need to change line densities several times during the day to stay in touch with fish. Carrying such a stock of lines isn't cheap, so cost comes into the equation, which is why reels with a cartridge spare spool system is ideal, as they come complete with spare spools. Which means that one reel and several spools make it easy to covery varing situations quickly and easily.

For river work, small, light reels are fine but always look for a well-engineered reel ideally with a disc drag check. Why a disc-drag when pursuing such small fish?

It is possible the reel will get submerged during the course of a day's fishing and with wet line going constantly on and off the reel, water is inevitably going to get inside. Wet reel mechanisms result in reduced drag capabilities, so choose the best you can afford.

For saltwater fishing you must use a non-corrosive reel which offers masses of line carrying space and the guts to stop a big powerful fish charging for freedom.
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