How do I get a hooked fish out of a snag?

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How do I get a hooked fish out of a snag?

Postby buddhabaker » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:32 pm

The most important thing is to stop the fish getting into the snag in the first place by using tackle fit for the job and set up correctly so that the clutch does its job effectively.
For bigger more powerful fish, like tench, carp and barbel, the extra length of a longer stiffer rod is ideal for dictating the battle.

Always remember to set your clutch before starting to fishso that the clutch just releases line. That way you should never reach the breaking point of your line as the clutch should release a little line allowing you to concentrate on playing your fish effectively!

Always have the anti-reserve on and play fish off of the clutch. Use a high abrasion resistant line like Maxima so that even if the fish do get snagged there is a good chance of getting them out. If the worst does happen, then the best thing to do is slacken off completely, wait 10 minutes or so and let the fish try and find its own way out.

Trying to drag fish out of snags very rarely works. Hold the rod and attempt to feel what the fish is doing and once it starts to take line tighten up and pull the fish clear. Using well-balanced tackle you should be able to stop almost anything with fins!
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