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Trout, Coarse and Carp Fishing, plus Self-Catering Holidays, in Beautiful & Peaceful Setting
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While staying at Nine Oaks with your pet

What we expect you to do!

Bill & Val

Doggie making a personal call We're just playing - honest! I'm great aren't I?

Pets are welcome at Nine Oaks and especially when staying here. However, when staying and bringing your pet with you here are some considerations to bear in mind:-

  • A maximum of 2, clean and well-behaved dogs are welcome.
  • If your pet(s) are on heat during your stay with us; It is your responsibility to ensure that they do not bleed indoors, on the bedding or on any furniture. In fact any where indoors during your stay with us. Your consideration in this matter would be appreciated, especially by those following you on their holidays with us.
  • No cats, rabbits or other pets regardless of how well trained they are.
  • They must be kept under strict control at all times.
  • Please ensure that your pet(s) don't make a nuisance of themselves with other anglers or visitors.
  • When walking around the Fishery, please clean-up and doo-dahs left by them.
  • They must not be allowed on any furniture, including and especially the beds and couches.
  • You are expected to provide their pet bedding for their use and when sleeping.
  • We would appreciate that you make provisions (towels, cloths etc.) to cater for drying and cleaning your pet(s) especially on wet or inclement days.
  • Please, making an attempt to keep the place clean and as hair free as possible would be appreciated.
  • Do remember, that after your departure we must get the accommodation clean, ready and fresh smelling for our next guests, and like us they don't want to be smelling your dog(s)!
  • Any doodahs left by your pets within the grounds or neighbourhood must be collected and disposed of properly.
  • All pets by prior arrangement only.