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Popular Flies to use during June

Useful Flies for June:-

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June’s top Flies to use are :-

Good flies for June when you should see plenty of fish rising early mornings, and late afternoons in to the evening!

Statistically June is the driest and sunniest month with almost no gales. Although the weather being the weather never take it for granted and always be prepared - for anything!

Early June often has unwelcome North-Easterly winds but more frequently, light westerly or south-westerly accompanied with warmer weather. However, this may lead to listless, windless days which can makes fly-fishing more difficult. Southerly winds can also lead to thunderstorms especially after long, hot spells. Falling rain can then bring the trout back on to feeding.

All fish prefer consistent weather and sudden changes are usually detrimental, but not always.

Chironomids are still their staple diet, with Olives and Black Gnats giving variety. Buzzers, especially ginger or red will be on the increase. Before long the trout will switch to feeding on caenis duns, then followed by adult sedges that hatched that morning or the previous evening as they return to the water to lay their eggs. BY mid-June they will be feeding on damsel fly nymphs as they start to leave the water to via plant stems etc ir order to transform. Their colours vary from drab brown or brown olive to olive or bright green, and are usually 20mm long or occasionally larger.

CDC emerger.

An example of a CDC emerger buzzer

The CDC (Cul De Canard) feather has wonderful floating capabilities, one of it’s best uses is in the CDC buzzer.

A deadly pattern wherever buzzers are hatching. Used on a floating line, the fly is cast out and then either wait for the trout to take the fly, cover a rise with the fly or pull the CDC under the surface of the water and allow it to resurface with the buoyancy of the CDC feathers, the latter method can have dramatic catching effects.

Emerging or Suspended Buzzer

A typical Emerging Buzzer Fly

A deadly pattern wherever dark buzzers are hatching. Use on a floating line, the fly is cast out and then either wait for the trout to take the fly, or cover a rise with the fly.

This is as effective as a CDC buzzer and is far cheaper.

Black Gnat

A Black Gnat

A Black Gnat

This fly can be deadly through summer and in to the autumn (April - September). A generic name for a variety of small flat winged terrestrials that hatch in abundance. Trout will feed avidly when they get the taste for them.

An ideal fly to use when the real insects or anything small, and black is on the water. Two versions are available, tied as a wet fly or as shown here tied as a dry fly.

If the fish are refusing the fly, and still showing interest in it, trim the under hackle to enable the fly to sit lower in or on the water. Alternatively, sometimes, dispense with floatant to use a bit of spittle to 'drown' your gnat in the surface film.

A Black Gnat Insect

Black and Green Fritz

Another 'Fritz' fly, this time a Black Green Fritz.

The Black and Green Fritz works superbly when fished using various rates of retrieve. The pattern can also be tied in a mass of colours from dark to very bright on the colour spectrum. The darker coloured fritz’s are usually fished more slowly than the lighter coloured ones.

The Black and Green Fritz is an outstanding fly in the cold winter months and my overall preferred lure during this.

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Black Pennell

A Black Pennell - an excellent fly throughout the year

The Black Pennell is a great fly for the trout. Fish it on a floating line. By being tied small it represents a small midge. Also, tied with a plain silver body, without the body hackle, and fished about 3ft deep on a slow retrieve can be very deadly.

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Orange Wickhams Spider.

A Wickhams Spider fly tied with Orange hackle feathers

The Wickhams Spider also known as the Wingless Wickhams is a favourite fly. Generally the best time for this fly is spring to late summer. Different coloured head hackles can be very effective including white, grizzle, yellow and hot orange, all these variants fish well. The pattern shown has the addition of a hot orange hackle just behind the bead. It can be deadly when nothing else is taking especially in coloured or mirky water.

The fly can be fished on an intermediate line on it’s own or part of a team of two or three flies. Anything from a slow figure of eight retrieve to a “fast as you can pull” or even a roly-poly pull can be used, different days need different methods of retrieve.

Cats Whisker Fritz

A sample of a Cats Whisker Fritz Fly

An all round lure, fish either on a floating, intermediate or sinking line at various rates of retrieve and it should still catch. It works superbly even when fished very slowly or even on the drop. Available in various colours and combinations from orange to black combo’s.

Shipman’s Buzzer

A 'Shipman's' Buzzer

A simple, scruffy looking, and the scruffier the better the Fly is. Just perfect for tricky surface feeders locked onto hatching buzzers. Try fishing in the surface or up to 2” below the surface.

Fly Tying

Practising Fly Tying

I’ve been practising inside for ages, finally got the hang of this fly tying malarky

All of the above are representations of various patterns of Suspended Buzzers and emergers, so any fly pattern that places a buzzer at or near the surface should be an effective fly to use.

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