Please Recycle your waste while staying at Nineoaks.

Which waste disposal bins to use for your waste?

Waste Recycling.

what waste, in what bin or bag? Making life easier for us all....

Here in Ceredigion we have only the minimum of waste bins, they are general rubbish (black bags in black bins), food waste (green bags in green bins) and recyclable rubbish (clear bags and clear bags in black bins). All glass bottles to be placed in to the lid-less black bin only and are not considered as a part of the recyclable rubbish! Any bottles in any other bags and those waste bags will not be collected!

Waste collections are each Thursday morning from 9am, so please have your waste in the bins

by the side of Snowdrop before then - thank you for your cooperation!

A Black Bin:

With a Black Liner:

A Black Bin with a Black Liner

With a Clear Liner:

A Black Bin with a Clear Liner

There are many "Black Bins" placed around the site.

The bins with black liners (2nd, image) are for any waste.

The "Black Bins" with the clear bin liners (3rd, image) are for re-cyclable waste only and in Ceredigion this means:-

  • No bottles,
  • No food waste of any sort,
  • ONLY clean tins,
  • OR clean paper,
  • OR clean cardboard,
  • Clear, clean plastic,
  • in the bins with the clear bin Liners PLEASE!

Large Green Outdoor Food Waste Bin:

Large Food Waste Bin:

The large "outdoors" food waste bins are located at the side of "Snowdrop Bungalow" in between the black bins. These bins must only be used to store the knotted food waste bags from the internal (kitchen) food waste bins (shown below). Your co-operation with respect to only placing the knotted food waste bags in these bins would be appreciated.

Any other waste or waste not in the green bags will mean that they will not be collected or emptied by the Council's refuse collection service; resulting in some other muggings (i.e Bill) having to sort out the mess.

A Kitchen sized Food Waste Bin:

A Kitchen sized Food Waste Bin:

The small food waste receptacles are usually found under the sink - these are the internal food waste food bins. Please use the liners provided for these bins. Only waste food to be disposed of in these bins - no other rubbish PLEASE! When they are nearly full or just before you leave us, please tie the top of the liner bags with a knot and then place the liner and its contents into the large "outdoors" food waste bins (shown above).

There should be spare green food bag liners on a roll either in a kitchen drawer or in a basket under the sink close by this bin.

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